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Starting at Cooper High School during the 2008-09 school year was a new initiative called “Women of Distinction” Mentoring Program. The goal of the mentoring program is for African American girls to develop positive peer relationships necessary to support each other towards becoming capable, responsible, and determined women. To achieve this goal, junior and senior high school girls are matched with ninth grade girls to provide academic and social mentoring throughout the school year. The focus is to assist ninth graders in being successful in a high school setting. The program began with mentors learning about each other and learning about WE WIN Institute. Through the Circle process, they share their stories. Many share about the struggles and pains in their lives. They allow themselves to be vulnerable and even share tears together. This sisterhood has led to incredible results with nearly ALL of our young women participants graduating high school and going to college! 


“Women of Distinction” is dedicated to increasing self-esteem.  Its self-created mission is,“To promote academic and social success through layered mentoring, sisterhood, culture and community.”


Bonding is an intentional part of this program that fosters self-esteem. Bonding experiences have included: overnights in hotels, movie nights, dinner engagements, and college tours. These experiences helped the young women develop a strong senses of sisterhood. 

"Women of Distinction" continues as it closes in on a decade of positive results. 

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