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WE WIN Institute (WE WIN) is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to the mission of creating academic and social success for all children. WE WIN provides a safe and nurturing environment for young people and works to increase parental involvement in the lives of their children and in their child’s schools.  WE WIN gives children a base of knowledge in core subjects and assists them in developing the skills that they need to grow into successful and responsible adults. Our programs are focused on giving youth and families tools to create long-term and systemic change in their lives and communities.


WE WIN’s program goals are centered on challenging young people to reach their highest potential. We strive to ensure the youth involved in our programs, many of whom are not typically involved in out-of-school time programming, make their communities brighter for the future. Through literacy, mentoring, and educational activities WE WIN strives to achieve these goals:


  • Support the academic, social, emotional, and physical growth of youth participants.

  • Develop the leadership skills of youth through active involvement in WE WIN’s curriculum and through contributions to the community.

  • Provide youth with academic and life readiness skills that help youth succeed in school and in life.

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