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WE WIN Institute’s Men of Distinction is a Rites of Passage program that assists Black boys in becoming strong, capable, respectful young men, critical readers, proficient writers, and helps them to have a love for themselves, their community and for learning; which supports them in reaching their full potential. Men of Distinction aims to alleviate cultural trauma and help boys develop resiliency in the face of systemic and social trauma.  Through learning about their rich history and culture, learning from, and bonding with Black men, and participating in educational and social activities; Men of Distinction supports the academic, social, emotional, and physical growth of our boys.

Men of Distinction teaches:
• Academic and social skills that helps boys succeed in school and in life
• Concepts of manhood
• African rituals, which include the Nguzo Saba (7 principles of

  Kwanzaa), and Nine Principles of Manhood
• Information about Black men who have overcame barriers to become
  accomplished in their lives and who are of service to their families,          their community, and the world.
• Leadership skills
• Strategies that support the elimination of trauma
• The importance of community service

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