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WE WIN primarily serves youth ages 5-18. We offer year-round programs that provide academic and social support that utilizes a multi-cultural and afro-centric approach to education and academic success.


Our programs provide:

•    Knowledge of culture and history;

•    Assistance with academics;

•    Community service;

•    Changing values and behaviors – Leadership; Health; Conflict                      Resolution; Self-Esteem;

•    Respect for self, families, and community;

•    Parent involvement;

•    Positive adult relationships.


Parents, mentors, and educators guide adolescents through the process of becoming self-affirming and confident young adults. Successfully completing the Rites of Passage steps and activities lets the young people know that they can accomplish goals through consistent and hard work. The program objectives of the Rites of Passage programs are straightforward and simple  to continue to reduce the high levels of unexcused absences, suspensions, tardiness, and truancy of student participants in the Rites of Passage programs.


The challenges of African American students goes beyond test scores and grades – in school after school, African American students, especially boys, have the highest rates of absenteeism, truancy, and suspensions (three-fourths of all suspensions are African Americans). Over fifty percent of African American boys drop out prior to graduation.


WE WIN utilizes a culturally-specific and culturally-driven approach to education and behavior change. We recognize that the academic and social problems of African American students are connected – that it is difficult to address academic and social problems without addressing the social and personal problems of the students. The pedagogical approach of WE WIN supplements our academic program with classes and activities on African and African American history, culture, and traditions; community service; and adult mentors from the community.



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